2022 (11)

Mechanical characterization and elastic stiffness degradation of unstabilized rammed earth (Sept 2022)(link)

The influence of the vertical component of ground motion on the probabilistic treatment of the rocking response of free-standingblocks.
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics (link)

Seismic response distribution expressions for rocking building contents under ordinary ground motions (link)

Mechanical Characterization and Creep Behavior of a Stone Heritage Material Used in Granada (Spain): Santa Pudia Calcarenite (link)

A risk-based evaluation of direct displacement-based design. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering (link)

Model updating of a masonry tower based on operational modal analysis: The role of soil-structure interaction (pdf)

A novel macroelement for seismic analysis of unreinforced masonry buildings based on MVLEM in OpenSees  (pdf)

3D simulation models for developing digital twins of heritage structures: challenges and strategies (pdf)

Rocking incremental dynamic analysis. (link)

Smart Tags: IoT Sensors for Monitoring the Micro-Climate of Cultural Heritage Monuments (pdf)

2021 (10)

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment and Strengthening of Heritage Timber Buildings: A Review (pdf)

Structural Model Updating of a Historical Stone Masonry Tower in
Tønsberg, Norway  (

FLOMPY: An Open-Source Toolbox for Floodwater Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Intensity Time Series (pdf)

Seismic risk and loss estimation for the building stock in Isfahan. Part II: Hazard analysis and risk assessment. (link)

A Modelling Approach for the Assessment of Climate Change Impact on the Fungal Colonization of Historic Timber Structures (pdf)

Model Type Effects on the  Estimated Seismic Response of a  20-Story Steel Moment Resisting Frame (pdf)

Conditional spectrum record selection faithful to causative earthquake parameter distributions. (link)

State of the art of simplified analytical methods for seismic vulnerability assessment of unreinforced masonry buildings (pdf)

Seismic risk and loss estimation for the building stock in Isfahan. Part I: Exposure and vulnerability  (link)

Seismic response distribution expressions for on-ground rigid rocking blocks under ordinary ground motions. (link)

2020 (5)

Practical performance-based design of friction pendulum bearings for a seismically isolated steel top story spanning two RC towers. (link)

Probabilistic identification of surface recession patterns in heritage buildings based on digital photogrammetry (pdf)

Structural Vulnerability Assessment of Heritage Timber Buildings:  A Literature Review (pdf)

Fine-tuning Self-Organizing Maps for Sentinel-2 imagery: Separating Clouds from Bright Surfaces (pdf)

Performance analysis of open source time series  InSAR methods for deformation monitoring over a broader mining region (pdf)