Smart Tags: IoT Sensors for Monitoring the Micro-Climate of Cultural Heritage Monuments (pdf)

A Communities Engagement Tool for Assessing the Resilience and Deterioration of Cultural Heritage Sites (pdf)

Model updating of a masonry tower based on operational modal analysis: The role of soil-structure interaction (pdf)

A novel macroelement for seismic analysis of unreinforced masonry buildings based on MVLEM in OpenSees  (pdf)

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment and Strengthening of Heritage Timber Buildings: A Review (pdf)

FLOMPY: An Open-Source Toolbox for Floodwater Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Intensity Time Series (pdf)

A Modelling Approach for the Assessment of Climate Change Impact on the Fungal Colonization of Historic Timber Structures (pdf)

Structural Vulnerability Assessment of Heritage Timber Buildings:  A Literature Review (pdf)

State of the art of simplified analytical methods for seismic vulnerability assessment of unreinforced masonry buildings (pdf)

Model Type Effects on the  Estimated Seismic Response of a  20-Story Steel Moment Resisting Frame (pdf)

Probabilistic identification of surface recession patterns in heritage buildings based on digital photogrammetry (pdf)

Fine-tuning Self-Organizing Maps for Sentinel-2 imagery: Separating Clouds from Bright Surfaces (pdf)

Performance analysis of open source time series  InSAR methods for deformation monitoring over a broader mining region (pdf)

Seismic risk and loss estimation for the building stock in Isfahan. Part I: Exposure and vulnerability  (link)

Seismic risk and loss estimation for the building stock in Isfahan. Part II: Hazard analysis and risk assessment. (link)

Practical performance-based design of friction pendulum bearings for a seismically isolated steel top story spanning two RC towers. (link)

Rocking incremental dynamic analysis. (link)

Seismic response distribution expressions for on-ground rigid rocking blocks under ordinary ground motions. (link)

Conditional spectrum record selection faithful to causative earthquake parameter distributions. (link)