In this section you may find all presentations carried out by the HYPERION partners, as well as a link to download relevant information.

3D simulation models for developing digital twins of heritage structures: challenges and strategies (link)
A. Shabani, M. Skamantzari, S.Tapinaki et al.

A Preliminary Structural Survey of Heritage Timber Log Houses in Tornsberg, Norway (link)
A. Shabani, H.Hosamo, V. Plevris, M. Kioumarsi

Structural Model Updating of a Historical Stone Masonry Tower in Tønsberg, Norway (pdf)
Amirhosein Sabani, Agon Ademi, Mahdi Kioumarsi

A Comparative study on the Initiali IN-PLANE Stifness of Masonry walls with openings (pdf)
Amirhosein Shabani, Vagelis Plevris, Mahdi Kioumarsi

HYPERION (EU H-2020). Cambiamenti climatici, eventi estremi e resilienza di aree storico monumentali: il caso studio della Torre dell’Orologio di Venezia (pdf)

Rebecca Piovesan, Elena Tesser, Fabrizio Antonelli

Characterization of the building materials of the main facade of Santa Maria dei Servi Church and the secondary phases products. (ppt)
Claudio Mazolli, Chiara Coletti

HYPERION:A decision Support System for Improved Resilience and sustainable Reconstruction of historic areas (pdf)
Antonis Kallis, Ari Karppinen, John Zeppos et al.

Hygrothermal performance of an old building with log walls from the region of Vestfold in Norway (video) (24:55-38:00)
Petros Choidis, Dimitrios Kraniotis