In this section, you can find all presentations carried out by HYPERION partners, available to view or download:

  • 3D simulation models for developing digital twins of heritage structures: challenges and strategies (link)
    A. Shabani, M. Skamantzari, S.Tapinaki et al.
  • A Preliminary Structural Survey of Heritage Timber Log Houses in Tornsberg, Norway (link)
    A. Shabani, H.Hosamo, V. Plevris, M. Kioumarsi
  • Structural Model Updating of a Historical Stone Masonry Tower in Tønsberg, Norway (pdf)
    Amirhosein Sabani, Agon Ademi, Mahdi Kioumarsi
  • A Comparative study on the Initiali IN-PLANE Stifness of Masonry walls with openings (pdf)
    Amirhosein Shabani, Vagelis Plevris, Mahdi Kioumarsi
  • HYPERION (EU H-2020). Cambiamenti climatici, eventi estremi e resilienza di aree storico monumentali: il caso studio della Torre dell’Orologio di Venezia (pdf)
    Rebecca Piovesan, Elena Tesser, Fabrizio Antonelli
  • Characterization of the building materials of the main facade of Santa Maria dei Servi Church and the secondary phases products. (ppt)
    Claudio Mazolli, Chiara Coletti
  • HYPERION:A decision Support System for Improved Resilience and sustainable Reconstruction of historic areas (pdf)
    Antonis Kallis, Ari Karppinen, John Zeppos et al.
  • Hygrothermal performance of an old building with log walls from the region of Vestfold in Norway (video) (24:55-38:00)
    Petros Choidis, Dimitrios Kraniotis
  • Bridging urban development, resilience planning, and heritage management for Climate Neutral and Resilient Historic Urban Districts (pdf)
    Antonis Kalis
  • Climate-based and material response-based approaches for the impact assessment of climate change on the frost damage on historic brick walls in Tonsberg, Norway (pdf)
    Luigi Germinario
  • Norwegian Pilot Area. City of Tønsberg and the «Slottsfjellet» area (pdf)
    Mahdi Kioumarsi & Amirhosein Shabani
  • HYPERION- The Venice Pilot Case (pdf)
    Claudio Mazzoli