Structural Model Updating of a Historical Stone Masonry Tower in Tønsberg, Norway. (link)

Updating structural FE models of cultural heritage assets based on probabilistic tools (pdf)

A comparative study on the initial in-plane stiffness of Masonry walls with opening (pdf)

A preliminary structural survey of Heritage Timber LOG Houses in Tornsberg, Norway (pdf)

Decision Support, Resilience and Sustainable Reconstruction of Historical City Cores under Seismic Threat: The HYPERION approach (pdf)

HYPERION: A decision Support System for Improved Resilience and sustainable Reconstruction of historic areas (pdf)

Hygrothermal performance of an old building with log walls from the region of Vestfold in Norway (video  (24:55- 38:00))

Hygrothermal performance of log walls in a building of 18th century and prediction of climate change impact on biological deterioration (pdf)

A Dürüm Döner view of seismic risk assessment, 2021 (pdf)

Seismic risk assessment of the ancient temple of Aphaia in Greece, 2020 (pdf)
Attribute-driven fragility curve through class disaggregation, 2020  (pdf)
Simplified estimation of design fault displacement for buried pipelines at fault crossing, 2020 (pdf)