HYPERION liaises and collaborates with several European Research and Technological Development initiatives, participating in important Working Groups and events, networking and exchanging ideas and knowledge with their members, co-organising special sessions in conferences or boosting joint dissemination activities.

In concrete, HYPERION is actively cooperating with the sister EU projects ARCH and SHELTER. Together they have established an EU Task Force for Climate Neutral and Resilience Historic Urban Districts. All three projects are taking part at Horizon Results Booster, organizing various dissemination actions and developing common communication materials.
The following Communication Materials have been developed during the course of the program:
Common Logo | View it here
Informative Video | View it here
Flyer | View it here
Infographic | View it here

The results of the EU Task Force were gathered in a white paper that was disseminated in the European Commission. The white paper can be downloaded here.

Below, you can find a list of HYPERION’s liaisons and discover their research activities, latest news, and events and explore how we are connected.

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