HYPERION will perform extensive tests in four demo sites, in Greece (Rhodes), Spain (Granada), Norway (Tønsberg) and Italy (Venice). The historic areas will be modelled at building level through reduced-order models based on archetype structures of each area. A number of selected structures (CH value) will be modelled and monitored in detail. The demonstration shall prove the suitability of the HYPERION platform for multiple hazard assessment and optimized operational and strategic decisions for management and maintenance of the historic areas, considering as well other hazards relevant for other sections of the city.


Vestfold og Telemark FylkesKommune (VTFK)

representing the country of Vestfold in Norway;

Comune di Venezia (CVI)

representing the city of Venice;

Dimos Rodou (DR) and Ephorate of Antiquities of the Dodecanese (EFAD)

representing the municipality of Rhodes and the relevant cultural authority operated under the Greek Ministry of Culture;

Ayuntamiento De Granada (ADG)

representing the municipality and the cultural authority of Granada;