The Round table meeting “International transfer of technologies: Semantic transformation of space”

On October 27th, 2020 the round table meeting, open to invited guests and speakers, took place in Athens and Moscow due to the travel restrictions. The main goal of this round table, which was held in a hybrid model (invited speakers from both countries were assembled with physical presence in Athens and Moscow) and with the use of technology were able to communicate and exchange information about the current research developments in both countries (Greece and Russia). Following all the protocols to avoid CoviD spread the scientists had the opportunity to get to know each other better, and to further enhance their scientific collaboration. During the meeting distinguished scientists from the two countries presented the recent developments in research and Technology. The HYPERION’s program vision, mission and the current results were presented by the program Coordinator Dr. A. Amditis opening the future possibilities for collaboration with the Russian Federation on Cultural Heritage Preservation. 

The Presentations were conducted in English, Greek and Russian and a simultaneous translation for the invited auditors in both countries was provided.