In July 29 and 30, 2020, representatives of the Metropolitan University of Oslo (OsloMet), Professor Dimitris Kraniotis and PhD candidate Petros Choidis came to Rhodes to visit the monuments of the program. They visited the fortress of Agios Nikolaos and the tower of Naillac with the members of the Ephorate participating in the program, the archaeologist Vasiliki Patsiadas and the conservator of the Ephorate Sotiris Patatoukos, as well as the representative of the Municipality of Rhodes Voula Moraitou who guided them to the monuments.

During the second visit to the Agios Nikolaos Fortress, the two representatives of OSLOMET, were briefed on the restoration work carried out by the Ministry of Culture over the last 25 years, by Katerina Manousou Della, architect of the Modern Monuments and Modern Monuments Service. The two representatives of the University of Oslo published articles about the program’s monuments, both medieval and ancient ones’.