On the 8th of November 2022, HYPERION had the great pleasure to organize a Training and Demonstration Event at the University of Granada in Spain.
The event’s goal was to present HYPERION’s developed tools to stakeholders from different fields and facilitate the adoption & exploitation of HYPERION’s results in the near future.

Interesting presentations took place from Dr. Antonis Kalis, Project Manager of HYPERION from the I-SENSE Group of ICCS, Prof. Dimitrios Vamvatsikos, HYPERION Technical Manager from The lambda lab of the National Technical University of Athens, Prof. Emilio Molero & Prof. Luisa-Maria Gil from the University Granada, Dr. Dimitris Tsarpalis from Resilience Guard and Stephanos Camarinopoulos from RISA with the overall coordination of Prof. Enrique Montes.

During the event, participants had also the opportunity to visit Granada’s pilot site (the Monastery of San Jeronimo) where they learned about the monastery and how HYPERION is assisting in its timely conservation. The event was concluded with an on-site hands-on demonstration of
HYPERION Community engagement tool by Dr. Antonis Kalis, Nikos Mitro and Irini Krimpa from the I-SENSE Group.