HYPERION’s sister project, SHELTER organized its Final Event on the 27th-28th of April 2023 in Venice, Italy.

Dr. Rebecca Piovesan from the University IUAV of Venice attended the event and demonstrated HYPERION’s research activities and advanced tools at St. Marcs Square.

During her presentation, Dr. Piovesan, provided a brief description of the partners involved and the multi-layered approach that characterized the project (imaging, climate, CH assessment, socioeconomic activities, etc.). The different forecasting models produced (seismic hazard, flood hazard, etc.) were also listed, and the HRAP platform was described in order to explain its purpose, its target audience, and its potential also in combination with the tools produced by SHELTER project.

Concluding the presentation,  the pilot sites and case studies of the project were presented. In particular, the importance of Tier 1 buildings was explained, and how they were used to obtain information, be monitored, and validate models. The investigations carried out on the Clock Tower were then presented in detail and the monitoring instruments (smart tag, cube, and climate station) still active on the monument were also shown.

To review the event’s agenda visit here.