The 1st physical plenary meeting of the HYPERION consortium,  after two years of virtual telcos, was an absolute success and reminded us of the importance of both physical contact and team bonding in the success of a project! The 6th HYPERION Plenary meeting took place in Oslo Norway on 14-17 June 2022.

During the 1st day, the Work Packages’ leaders presented HYPERION’s progress, specifying the difficulties they faced, during the last six months due to the pandemic.

On the 2nd day, all the participants visited the pilot site of Tønsberg where they had the opportunity to discuss with the local authorities the status of all cultural heritage monuments that are included in the HYPERION project and see for the first time the test site. The visit was concluded with a great team bonding activity where all participants rowed the replica of “Saga Oseberg” a full-scale replica of the Oseberg ship, a Viking ship from the year 820 that was excavated off Tønsberg in Vestfold in 1903.

During the 3rd day, round tables were organized, to discuss and specify the project’s following steps and the most critical issues of each work package. The consortium agreed to have another two physical meetings before the end of the project in Granada and Venice.