📌 Which challenges do we face while building on the resilience of historic districts? Which opportunities can historic districts bring into resilience?

📌 How can we address the challenges faced and deploy the identified opportunities?

These questions and many more were under discussion at the 3rd meeting of the EU Task Force for Climate Neutral and Resilient Historic Urban Districts that took place on the 3rd of June 2022 in Thessaloniki (Greece) at the ARCH Stakeholders’ Dialogue.

The event was also available for online participation.

Meeting’s goal was to discuss the up-to-date iteration of a policy recommendation paper about the challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for resilient historic districts through an interactive discussion.

All in all, the EU Task Force has been established by the sister projects HYPERION, ARCH & SHELTER, aiming to bring together actors from practice, research, and policy to boost collaboration among all involved stakeholders and discuss how to increase the resilience of historic urban districts, rendering them climate-neutral and support EU on increasing resilience and sustainability of historic areas to cope with climate change and hazard events.